Staging 101

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Staging falls into three categories:
Image Staging  
• Display Staging
• Value Added Staging

"Image Staging" is placing two cocktail glasses on a tray with a bottle of cosmopolitan mix. You’ve suggested that the people who live there are hip, trendy, maybe an artist. "Image Staging" one of the bedrooms as a nursery communicates this is a home for young couples with children.

Placing furniture to better highlight the beautiful fireplace is a perfect example of "Display Staging".  Simply showcasing the most desirable features of your home.

"Value added staging" is really more of an investment in your property, like replacing the carpet, upgrading kitchens and bathrooms or adding closet organizers.  In the kitchen you might add new counter-tops or luxury appliances.  You might upgrade the bathroom with a jetted spa tub.  Depending on what you choose to upgrade, "Value Added Staging" can be costly in the case of kitchens and bathrooms, or relatively low cost when adding closet organizers.  Either way, it can be a smart investment when you're preparing to sell your home.  Be careful not to over-improve your property.  Your Real Estate Agent can be a big help identifying what's worth improving.